Project Name: AT&T Long Lines Facilities
Project Address:

Freehold, NJ
Manahawkin, NJ
White Plains, NY

Total Contract Amount: Over $10,000,000
Project Executive: Conrad F. Hall, Sr.
Project Managers: William A. Hall, Jr.
Superintendents: Roland Dempsey/William Burke
Owner's Name: AT & T
Owner's Address: White Plains, NY
Architect's Name: Rose, Beaton, Rose
Architect's Address: White Plains, NY
Description of Project:

  • Construction of new telephone switching centers
  • Long lines relay stations
  • Additions to existing telephone switching centers
  • Reinforced concrete/seismic reinforced construction
  • Maintained dust free environment
  • Several additions to many facilities listed above
  • All projects completed on time or ahead of schedule