Project Name: Beneficial Management Headquarters - Site Facilities
Project Address: Route 206, Peapack, NJ
Project Contract Amount: $3,600,000
Project Executive: Conrad F. Hall, Sr.
Project Manager: Conrad F. Hall, Sr.
Superintendents: Roland Dempsey
Owner's Name/Contact Person: Beneficial Management
Owner's Address: Route 206, Peapack, NJ
c/o Turner Construction, CM
Mr. Gerald Phillips
Owner's Phone Number: 908-356-5577
Architect's Name/Contact Person: The Hillier Group
Mr. David Chase, Chief Executive Officer
Architect's Address: 500 Alexander Park-CN 23, Princeton, NJ 08543-0023
Architect's Phone/Fax Numbers: Phone: 609-452-8888/Fax: 609-452-8332

Description of Project:


  • Construction of Office campus fountains and Promenade
  • Construction of brick garden walls and gates/fencing
  • Construction of granite seat walls
  • Construction of stone walls
  • Construction of Campus walks and stone curbs
  • Landscape amenities
  • Project completed two months early