FIRST UNION BANK (now Wachovia Bank)

Project Name: First Union Bank
Project Address: Hamilton Square, NJ
Project Contract Amount: $1,200,000
Project Executive: Conrad F. Hall, Sr.
Project Manager: Mark D. Hall
Superintendents: William Burke
Owner's Name: First Union Bank (formerly Colonial Bank) - Robert Bogosian, VP
Owner's Address: 190 River Road, Summit, NJ
Owner's Phone Number: 908-598-3850
Architect's Name/Contact Person: Faridy Thorne Frateck (formerly Bowman, Blanch, Fariday) - Jay Hengeli, Project Architect
Architect's Phone Number:  
Description of Project:

  • Reconstruction of Hamilton Square Branch bank
  • Four new drive-thru's with pneumatic tube devices
  • New bank offices
  • New lobby and teller facilities
  • New finishes throughout
  • Exterior restoration of brick masonry
  • New roofing and
  • Reconstructed site utilities and parking
  • Project completed
  Note: This is a representative sample of the numerous banks Hall has constructed over the past 50 years.