Project Name: Hoboken Ferry Terminal Restoration & Rehabilitation - PHASE II
Project Address: Hoboken, NJ
Project Contract Amount:


Project Executive: Mark D. Hall
Director of Construction: Scott V. Hall
Project Manager: Conrad F. Hall, Jr.
Superintendents: Peter von Bradsky, PE & George Bender
Owner's Name/Contact Person:

New Jersey Transit Corp. - Mr. Jason Wormeck

Owner's Address: One Penn Plaza East, Newark, NJ
Owner's Phone/Fax Numbers: Phone: 973-491-8506, Fax: 973-491-7024, Cell: 732-921-6740
Construction Mgr./Contact Person:

Tishman Construction Company - Mr. Randy Doliber

Construction Mgr. Address:

299 Observer Highway, PO Box 1404, Hoboken, NJ

Construction Mgr. Phone:

Phone: 201-726-0535

Architect's Name:

Beyer, Blinder, Belle Architects & Planners LLP

Architect's Address: 41 East 11th St., New York, NY
Architect's Phone Number: Mr. George Beckwith; Phone: (212) 777-7800

Description of Project:

  • Listed in New Jersey and National Register of Historic Places
  • Rehabilitation of deteriorated foundations for major transportation rail/ferry complex
  • Drive 26,000 lf of new steel/concrete filled pipe piles (driven 120-140' to bedrock)
  • Rebuild deteriorated concrete foundations on six piers
  • Underpinned and encapsulated existing foundations/pile caps
  • Replace spalled concrete/extensive spall repairs on six ferry piers (200+ locations)
  • Complete historic masonry reconstruction of north wall of ferry slips
  • Lead abate structural steel / Asbestos abatement of steam pipe insulation and fireproofing
  • Selective Demolition (extensive)
  • Re-support column transfer steel
  • Construct new steel cribbing for foundations and superstructure
  • Construction of new pile caps
  • Core drill pilot holes for new piles
  • Grout piles
  • Extensive excavation and backfilling for foundation work - waterside
  • Extensive substructure concrete beam and girder repair
  • Wood window replacement with copper cladding
  • Wood window restoration with copper cladding
  • Wood door restoration
  • Woodwork restoration
  • Plaster restoration and conservation behind copper cladded walls
  • Replace wood and copper facades - entire east elevation (water side)
  • Restore structural steel / column re-support
  • Install historic copper roofing and historic ornamental flashings
  • Install new built up roof areas with hidden (box) gutters
  • Install new roof drainage system at canopies
  • Sandblast all existing steel and re-paint
  • Repair all deteriorated steel framing
  • Paint all steel elements
  • Precast concrete decks throughout all re-built piers
  • Monitor & survey construction work for settlement at each column location during construction
  • Project performed without interruption to Owner's operations
  • Work includes coordination with tides/currents since much of the work is performed under the structure, in the water
  • Rebuild new fender racks
  • Extensive dredging
  • Extensive Marine demolition