Project Name: Hoboken Terminal Boiler Replacement Project
Project Address: Hoboken, NJ
Project Contract Amount:


Proj. Exec./Director of Construction: Scott V. Hall
Project Manager: Conrad F. Hall, Jr.
Superintendent: George Bender
Owner's Name/Contact Person:

New Jersey Transit Corp. - Mr. Stephen J. Nordahl

Owner's Address: One Penn Plaza East, Newark, NJ
Owner's Phone/Fax Numbers: Phone: 973-491-8561Fax: 973-491-7166
Construction Mgr./Contact Person:

Tishman Construction Company - Mr. Randy Doliber

Construction Mgr. Address:

299 Observer Highway, PO Box 1404, Hoboken, NJ

Construction Mgr. Phone/Fax:

Phone: 201-222-6400 / Fax: 201-222-3335

Architect's Name:

STV Architects

Architect's Address: 1 Riverfront Plaza, Newark, NJ
Architect's Phone Number: Phone: 973-642-2201

Description of Project:

  • New steel framed pre-engineered building
  • Construct new Gas Meter Room
  • Selective removals of portions of historic structure
  • New cast-in-place concrete
  • New masonry walls
  • New precast concrete decks
  • Extensive new gas main run throughout structure
  • New mechanical and electrical piping and wiring
  • Construct new underground gas line vault
  • Drive 100' long steel pipe piles
  • Construct new concrete pad for new boilers
  • Construct boiler enclosure building
  • Install electric service and wiring for new boilers
  • Construct new boilers to service the Hoboken Terminal
  • Construct all related piping valves and accessories to service new heating system
  • Install electric service and wiring for bew boilers