Project Name: Molly Pitcher Inn - Restoration and Additions
Project Address: 88 Riverside Avenue, Red Bank, NJ
Total Project Cost: $15,000,000+
Project Executive: Conrad F. Hall, Sr.
Project Manager: William A. Hall, Jr./Mark D. Hall
Project Superintendent: Roland Dempsey/William Burke
Owner's Name/Contact Person: Molly Pitcher Associates, Sidney and Edith Clayman (deceased)
Owner's Address: 88 Riverside Avenue, Red Bank, NJ
Owner's Phone Number: 732-747-2500
Architect's Name:

Kenneth Mitchell, AIA (retired)
Leonard Martelli, AIA

Architect's Phone Number: Phone: 732-530-1989
Description of Project:

  • Completed several additions, restoration and renovations to 1927 structure
  • Complete exterior restoration
  • Brick masonry replacement and repointing
  • Exterior woodwork restored/refurbished
  • Rebuilt cuppola and grand entrance structure
  • Built 60-room addition to hotel
  • Renovated original hotel lobby, ballrooms, kitchen and main dining room
  • Built penthouse apartment for owner
  • All projects completed ahead of schedule