Project Name: Allied Signal Lobby Renovations
Project Address: 101 Columbia Road, Morristown, NJ
Project Contract Amount: $170,000
Project Executive: Scott V. Hall
Project Manager: Peter Egan
Superintendent: Mark Piccolo
Owner's Name/Contact Person: AlliedSignal
Owner's Address: 101 Columbia Road, Morristown, NJ
Architect's Name/Contact Person: Administration Building - Grad Associates, Inc. - Alan Horowitz

Architect's Phone Numbers:
Architect's Name/Contact Person:
Architect's Phone Numbers:

Nichols Building - Diversified Interior Design Inc. - Anthony J Colciaghi

Description of Project:

  • Main Lobby renovations

  • Two seperate Lobbies

  • New luxurious high-end finishes

  • Extensive wood work

  • Reception desks, low sillwalls, divider walls, computer cabinets, coffee cabinets, Credenza curved paneling

  • Veneer paneled steel frame divider walls

  • Extensive coordination with other finish trades

  • Project completed in 12 weeks

Date of Completion:

January 1999