Project Name: Oyster Creek Nuclear Generating Station Low Level Radiation Waste Storage Building
Project Address: Route 9, Forked River, NJ
Project Contract Amount: $18,000,000
Project Executive: Mark D. Hall
Project Manager: Conrad F. Hall, Jr.
Superintendents: William Burke/Joseph Posch
Owner's Name and Contact Person: GPU Nuclear Corp. - James Langenback - 717-948-8000
Owner's Address: Three Mile Island Nuclear Generating Station, Middletown, PA
Architect's Name: Gilbert Commonwealth/STV
Architect's Address: 205 W. Welsh Drive, Douglassville, PA 19518
Architect's Phone/Fax Number: Phone 610-385-8200/Fax 610-385-8511
Description of Project:

  • Site clearing and dewatering
  • Bulk excavation for 10' deep foundations
  • 200' X 300' structure
  • Architectural precast spandral panels, 20' high
  • Thick base slab over concrete mud mat and waterproofing
  • 3' thick perimeter reinforced concrete walls extending up to 60' high
  • 7,000 cubic yards of concrete placed by Hall
  • Extensive reinforcing steel
  • Structural Steel inner framework to support RAD-Waste containers
  • Pre-cast concrete cap panels for placement and removal of containers
  • Interior crane/hoist to life panels
  • Extensive electrical and mechanical systems
  • Highly sophisticated electronic surveillance system
  • Balance of details confidential at Owner's request
  • Project completed three months ahead of schedule