Project Name: Rehabilitation and Addition to the Greenville Bus Maintenance Facility
Project Address: Old Bergen Road, Jersey City, NJ
Project Contract Amount: $13,377,000
Project Executive: Mark D. Hall
Project Manager: Joseph Isdanavage
Superintendents: Ray Hansen/Roy Ralph
Owner's Name/Contact Person: NJ Transit Corporation, Robert Delitto, Sr. Contract Manager
Owner's Address: One Penn Plaza East, Newark, NJ 07105
Owner's Phone Number: Robert Delitto Phone: 973-491-7542/Fax: 973-491-7597
Architect's Name/Contact Person: LS Transit Systems, Inc. Kirk J. Hunt, 973-893-6000
Description of Project:

  • Construction of an 85,000 sq. ft. addition/renovation of existing 75,000 sq. ft. bus maintenance facility
  • Site preparation and grading
  • Installation of underground storage tanks
  • Construction of fueling lanes and vehicle cleaning facilities
  • Bus maintenance bays
  • Parts storeroom
  • Bus paint booth and maintenance support facilities
  • Second floor transportation offices
  • Building automation systems
  • Electrical standby generator
  • New mechanical, plumbing and electrical systems
  • New industrial waste piping system
  • New industrial fluids piping system
  • New compressed air system
  • Automatic bus washer with water reclamation system
  • Hydraulic bus lifts
  • Installed Jib crane and overhead monorail for lifting engines and heavy equipment
  • Extensive shop equipment
  • New elevator
  • New security system, CCTV and card access systems
  • Project completed on schedule
Date of Completion: October, 1997