Project Name: NJ Transit - Hoboken (Rail & Ferry Terminal) - Historic Restoration of the Main Waiting Room & Exterior Copper Cladding
Project Address: Hoboken, NJ
Project Contract Amount: $8,849,000
Project Executive: Mark D. Hall
Project Manager: Anthony Guerriero
Executive Supervisor: Richard Lefebvre/William Burke
Owner's Name/Contact Person:

NJ Transit Corporation
Edmund Kuszmar
Frank Smollar

Owner's Address: One Penn Plaza East, Newark,NJ 08876-1262
Owner's Phone Number (Ed Kuszmar):
Owner's Phone Number (Frank Smollar):
Phone: 973-491-7545/Fax: 973-491-7597
Phone: 973/491-7313
Architect's Name/Contact Person: Beyer, Blinder & Belle, Architects & Planners - Peter Scaglione
Architect's Address: 41 East 11 Street, NY, NY
Architect's Phone Number: Phone: 212-777-7800

Description of Project:

  • A grand, monumental transportation complex listed in both the State and National Registers of Historic Places
  • Complete historic restoration of 1907 terminal main waiting room and exterior copper cladding
  • Selective demolition
  • Temporary shoring and bracing
  • Selective dismantling and salvaging of historic fabric and specialties
  • Extensive lead paint abatement
  • Rehabilitation/restoration to structural steel, brick masonry, and cast-in place concrete
  • Rehabilitation & restoration of structural steel & concrete under Main Waiting Room slab working from Hudson River bed at low tide
  • Interior cast iron and bronze restoration
  • Interior copper window restoration
  • Extensive Historic Glass restoration
  • Extensive new and restored architectural wood work
  • Waiting room wood bench restoration
  • Tiffany stained glass laylight and transoms restoration
  • Exterior copper cladding - new and restored
  • Wood window and door restoration
  • Finish hardware and glazing
  • New copper cladded steel windows
  • Restored copper cladded steel windows
  • Historic gypsum plaster restoration
  • New and restored terrazzo flooring throughout main waiting room
  • Marble and limestone restoration
  • Historic painting and gold leafing
  • Historic clock restoration
  • Historic light fixture restoration
  • New plumbing, HVAC, and electrical systems
  • Project is an outstanding example of classic beaux-arts architecture
Historical Preservation Review Agency: Listed in the National & State Registers of Historic Places