Project Name: Hoboken Rail Station Platform Rehabilitation/ADA Compliance
Project Address: Hoboken, NJ
Project Contract Amount: $1,542,000
Project Executive: Mark D. Hall
Project Manager: Joseph Isdanavage
Superintendents: William Burke
Owner's Name/Contact Person: NJ Transit Corporation, Jim Galvin, Construction Manager
Robert Delitto, Sr. Contract Specialist
Owner's Address: One Penn Plaza East, Newark, NJ 07105
Owner's Phone/Fax Number:

J. Galvin Phone: 973-491-8104/Fax: 973-491-7461
R. Delitto Phone: 973-491-7542/Fax: 973-491-7597

Architect's Name/Contact Person: LS Transit Systems, Inc. Dennis Fordham, VP, 973-893-6000
Description of Project:

  • Rehabilitation of eighteen (18) Train Platforms
  • Re-build deteriorated concrete platforms
  • Replace spalled concrete
  • Restore cracked concrete
  • Apply new tactile warning strips at platforms
  • Apply non-slip traffic coating on platforms and concourse
  • Replace signage with new signage
  • Rehabilitate concourse
  • Provide handicap accessibility
  • Project completed without interruption to Owner's operation
  • Project completed three months early