Project Name: Waln's Mill Waterworks Restoration
Project Address: Walnford Park, Upper Freehold Township
Project Contract Amount: $426,757
Project Executive: Scott Hall
Project Manager: Joseph Isdanavage
Superintendent: Doug Gleason
Owner's Name/Contact Person: Board of Recreation Commissioners - Gail Hunton
Owner's Address: Newman Springs Road, Lincroft, NJ 08876-1262
Owner's Phone/Fax Numbers: Phone: 732-842-4000 X-259/Fax: 732-842-3640
Architect's Name/Contact Person: Watson & Henry - Michael Henry
Architect's Phone/Fax Numbers: Phone: 609-451-1779/Fax: 609-451-0471
Description of Project:

  • Historic Restoration of this 1822 grain mill
  • Installed temporary dam and continuous dewatering system
  • Removed and rebuilt Mill Raceway stone walls
  • Base stones weighed 500-1200 lbs
  • Upper stones 100-500 lbs
  • All stones full mortar bedded and struck
  • Restored historic stone walls to original condition
  • Archaeologically-sensitive excavation and site work
  • New timber piling and sheathing
  • New timber drop logs to control water flow
  • Built timber walk bridge to Raceway Island
  • Restored Raceway Island
  • Repointed Mill Building stone walls
  • Landscaped exterior; Installed picket fence and gates
  • Removed temporary dam and dewatering system
  • Originally built 1822; Reconstructed 1873
  • Project completed on Schedule
Date of Completion: August 1996

Historical Preservation Review Agency: Listed in the National & State Registers of Historic Places