Emergency Stabilization of the Central Railroad of New Jersey Terminal

Project Location: Liberty State Park, Jersey City, NJ
Project Contract Amount: $16,000,000
Project Executive: Conrad F. Hall, Sr.
Project Manager: Joseph Isdanavage
Superintendents: William Burke/Richard Lefebvre
Owner/Contact Person: The State of New Jersey Department of Building and Construction
Dale Smith, Manager Client Projects
Joint Venture Architects: Geddes Brecher Qualls & Cunningham
2401 Locust Street, Philadelphia, PA 19380 - Bill Dix, Principal
John Milner Associates (Historical Architectural Consultants)
309 N. Matlack Street, West Chester, Pa. 19380 - Neal Quenzel, Principal
  • Complete restoration of this 1888 Railroad and Ferry Terminal
  • Restored baggage ways, concourses and main waiting room
  • Reconstructed foundations
  • Structural stabilization of roof and exterior walls
  • Reframed entire structure with steel and wood
  • Restored wood timber
  • Replaced slate shingles and copper roofing
  • Restored woodwork
  • Corn cob blasted wood ceiling
  • Restored ornamental steel
  • Restored interior glazed tile and masonry
  • Restored exterior brick, brownstone and limestone
  • Epoxy injection for masonry
  • Epoxy consolidation of woodwork
  • Restored and replaced windows and doors
  • Extensive sitework development; pavers, cobbles, rails, utilities
  • Project completed one year ahead of program schedule