Historic Essex County Courthouse Restoration

Project Information

Project Location: 470 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd., Newark, NJ
Project Contract Amount: $16,895,000
Project Executive: Mark D. Hall
Director of Construction/Safety: Scott V. Hall
Project Manager: Joe Isdanavage
Superintendents: Anthony Corrado/Richard Lefebvre
Owner/Contact Person: County of Essex - Melinda Cortez
Owner's Address: 465 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd., Newark, NJ
Owner's Phone: 973-226-8500
Architect: Mills & Schnoering Architects LLC - Michael Mills/Anne Weber
Architect's Address: 200 Forrestal Rd., Princeton, NJ
Architect's Phone: 609-681-2480

Project Description

  • Complete Interior Historic Restoration of 1907 Courthouse Building
  • Restore interior marble, granite, limestone
  • Restore exterior granite Grand Entrance Stairway
  • Repoint stone mortar joints
  • Restore historic plaster
  • Install new veneer plaster
  • Install new lath and plaster
  • Install new stone Dutchman
  • Restore Historic Murals
  • Conserve gold leaf and decorative paint
  • Fine arts restoration
  • New carpet
  • Restore wood doors, frames and door hardware
  • Restore original woodwork throughout including wood Dutchman
  • Build new woodwork throughout
  • Restore historic light fixtures
  • Restore historic courtroom lay light frames and glass
  • Extensive metal restoration & refinishing
  • Restore bronze statuaries
  • Clay masonry restoration
  • Interior & exterior stone restoration
  • Restoration of Ornamental Metals
  • Copper-alloy metals restoration
  • Ferrus metals restoration
  • ADA Upgrades
  • Site restoration, landscaping, irrigation and brick paving
  • New site sanitary and water mains
  • Audio/Visual system
  • Security system