M&E Stations Improvements - South Orange & East Orange

Project Information

Project Location: South Orange & East Orange, NJ
Project Contract Amount: $11,797,000
Project Executive: Mark D. Hall
Project Managers: Scott V. Hall/Anthony Guerriero
Superintendent: Roy Ralph
Owner: NJ Transit Corporation
Architect Clough Harbor & Associates

Project Description

  • Reconstruct South Orange bridge over South Orange Avenue
  • Reconstruct East Orange bridge over Main Street
  • Rebuild entire High Level Platform foundations and structural steel platforms with metal decking
  • Build concrete grade beams & spandral beams
  • Construct ornamental structural steel columns and beams to support roof canopies
  • Rebuild historic structural steel canopies
  • Historic concrete replication
  • Historic concrete repairs
  • New roofing on canopies
  • Construct new reinforced concrete stairways to new high level platforms
  • All work performed on active Morris & Essex (M & E) Rail Line
  • All personnel extensively safety trained
  • Demolition of the existing platforms and canopies
  • Construction of a new pedestrian accessibility
  • Construction of a new three-story steel framed brick and cast stone masonry elevator structures
  • Four (new) elevators and complete handicap accessibility
  • All electrical work at Station Building, platforms, canopies, shelters, site lighting and communication work
  • Historic light fixture replication
  • All new electrical, mechanical and plumbing systems
  • Site work including underground and viaduct utilities, curbing, walkways, plaza, and asphalt paving
  • Signage installation for the entire site
  • Structural steel web & flange repairs
  • Lead paint abatement and repainting